Practice Management

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Freedom Medical Systems® PM

Freedom Medical Systems® is an integrated suite of web-based Health IT solutions that offers powerful and easy to use features needed to optimize operational, clinical, and financial processes for a more productive practice.

Regardless of your practice size, specialty, and/or affiliation, you can count on Freedom Medical Systems® to provide you with the tools and resources needed to address your practices unique needs.

Practice Management Software

Today’s medical practice want to spend less time on administrative tasks that are inefficient, time-consuming, and costly so that they can devote more resources to providing quality patient care.

Freedom | PM combines electronic medical billing, digital scheduling, and a host of billing automation features designed to help streamline front and back office administrative tasks.

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Scheduling Flexibility

Adaptable digital appointment features that make scheduling and tracking patient appointments while managing provider and resource schedules across multiple locations a breeze.

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EDI Support

Comprehensive EDI support that includes eligibility verification, primary and secondary electronic claims processing, as well as remittance advice processing and posting automation.

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Advanced Billing

Robust and powerful billing features that include family billing support; customizable account alerts and notes; auto posting of ERA’s and more.

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Insurance Intelligence

Intelligent features that make managing Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Insurance as well as Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle all from one account easier.

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Practice Insight

A dashboard view of your practice financials with the ability to drill down to specific data points by CPT and Payer Groupings; with overall practice and individual provider financials by year to date or month to date and more.

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EHR Integration

Seamless integration between Freedom | EHR enables staff to minimize data entry errors, reduce duplication efforts, while capturing billable charges electronically based on clinical documentation.

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Centralized Billing Office Support

Single sign-on simplifies multi-site, multi-provider billing and supports centralized billing offices.

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Denial Management

Identifying the source of appeals and denials to reduce future denials while increasing revenue and cash flow.

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Work Smarter Not Harder

Your practice is unique, and no one knows your practice better than you. So, we take advantage of your knowledge and expertise to customize Freedom Medical Systems® with practice logic that helps address your practices unique needs and challenges.

Practice logic that can be built specific to practice specialty, unique payer requirements, or developed from value-based care initiatives for example.

Practice logic is frequently used to automate coding, documentation, and workflows; prevent coding and billing errors; and/or assist your staff to focus on only high priority issues and tasks.

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Billing Service Supported

Whether you’re on independent biller or established 3rd party medical billing company looking for a software partner, Freedom Medical Systems® can help you and your clients become more efficient and profitable.

Customized Solution

The flexible design of Freedom Medical Systems® makes it easy to customize a practice management solution to fit your practice unique needs.

Having easy-to-use web-based medical billing software allows practices of any size manage their business from anywhere, on any device.

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