Coding Services

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Coding Services

Medical coding is an essential component of the revenue cycle that requires expertise to ensure clinical services are coded correctly and in compliance. Partnering with CCC provides the opportunity to focus on enhancing patient care and satisfaction while leaving the coding headaches to our team of certified professional coders.

Who We Serve

Our comprehensive coding services are available as part of our revenue cycle management services or as a standalone service for physician practices managing their own billing in-house. We can provide temporary, long term, or complete outsource of your medical coding needs.

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Faster Payments

We identify coding related denials and implement provider feedback and process improvements initiatives for quicker reimbursement.

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Stronger Compliance

We ensure accurate and ethical medical coding practices with the help of Certified Professional Coders and Auditors.

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Personalized Approach

We simplify medical coding for each clinician by reviewing claims and providing specialty specific coding education to improve clinical documentation.

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Reduce Administrative Burden

Practices can reduce administrative burdens while improving work-life balance for their providers with Freedom Medical Systems® integrated workflow and communication features that makes it easy to access certified coders who can help deliver timely and reliable coding services.