Professional Training Services

CCC is dedicated to helping you and your staff hit the ground running quickly with Freedom Medical Systems®. Receiving professional, effective training unlocks the full potential of Freedom Medical Systems® while allowing your team to maximize productivity and minimize inefficiencies. Our implementation and training specialists have a unique blend of software expertise, detailed knowledge of MIPS requirements, and the training skills necessary to ensure a customized learning experience for you and your staff.

Training will cover all aspects of Freedom Medical Systems® | PM | EHR | ERX but extra time and attention will be spent for Eligible Professionals (EPs) wishing to attest to MIPS.  The following list highlights a few details we take extra time and effort to provide thorough training of all clinical staff and providers:

Focus on Meaningful Use of Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT):

  • Freedom Medical Systems® | PM Training
    • Patient Demographics (Race, Ethnicity, Gender, DOB, Language Preference, Communication Preference, etc.)
    • Patient Portal Account Management
    • Marketing Your Patient Portal
    • Patient Health Information (PHI) Authorization & 3rd Party Representatives
    • Etc.
  • Freedom Medical Systems® | EHR Training
    • Comprehensive training on how to use Freedom Medical Systems® | EHR to achieve MIPS ACI Objectives
    • Building a successful workflow for improving the quality of care delivered
    • Patient Population Healthcare Management for improved CQM outcomes
    • In-depth Reporting
    • MIPS Conformance Calculator for tracking your MIPS attestation progress
    • Understanding structured data and how Freedom Medical Systems® | EHR uses it for MIPS
    • Freedom Knowledge Base
    • Etc.
  • Freedom Medical Systems® | ERX Training
    • Patient Advisor (Electronic Prior Authorization, Medication Adherence, etc)
    • Patient Formulary and Pharmacies
    • Electronic Prescribing Non-Controlled and Controlled Substances
    • Patient Allergies (Add, Update, Modify)
    • Patient Medication Management
    • Patient Medication History
    • Etc.