Professional Implementation Services

Custom Computing Corporation can not realize our goals unless our customers achieve their goals by using our products and services.  To this end, we recruit and hire personnel with broad healthcare, client services and information technology experience.   We mentor our implementation team and provide ongoing training related to industry changes as well as client feedback to provide your practice with the very best implementation and project management team.


Objectives of the implementation and project team include:

  • Enabling our clients to transition smoothly from their existing systems.
  • Transferring the knowledge of the detailed functions of Freedom Medical Systems®.
  • Improving our client’s operational processes through Freedom’s advanced features and functions.
  • Allowing our clients to take ownership of their new system.
  • Enhancing the implementation process with a Project Team that is dedicated and personally committed to client satisfaction and success.
  • Enabling our customers to improve efficiency, reduce cost and improve quality.


To achieve these objectives, our Implementation and Project Team will be involved immediately after a new client joins CCC.  The Implementation and Project Team becomes involved during the sales process, with Practice Analysis and design of a customized project plan that supplements the needs and skills of each client.  We will work closely with you and your staff to provide a structured yet customized approach to the implementation of Freedom Medical Systems® and our solution offering.


Implementation planning covers many topics such as:

  • Defining the implementation process
  • Reviewing the project scope and defining the project team
  • Defining the goals of the solution and system offering
  • Interviewing key individuals involved in the project from your practice
  • Identifying and defining interface and claim submission requirements
  • Reviewing practice workflow and clinical process
  • Identifying reporting requirements
  • Identifying custom enhancements
  • Defining time lines for the project
  • Performing site evaluations for hardware and network configuration
  • Configuring cabling requirements and communication needs
  • Determining system security settings
  • And much more.