Professional Chart Migration Services

For clients implementing an EHR for the first time, CCC offers a Chart Migration Service that assist clients by outsourcing the scanning of old paper charts into digital records.

What is Chart Migration?

Chart Migration is the process of moving data from your existing paper records to your new electronic health record (EHR).

Why should my practice do it?

Chart migration is critical to a successful implementation as it ensures that patient data will be available in the EHR when you go live.  Chart migration decreases the risk of lost productivity and helps avoid patient safety issues when key patient data is not available within the EHR system.

How does your chart migration service work?

During the implementation phase, our Implementation Team works with the you to design a plan for the migration of patient data currently in your paper charts to Freedom Medical Systems® | EHR.   This ensures that when you go live on Freedom Medical Systems® | EHR you do not have to start with an empty electronic patient chart during the first patient encounter.

Items we discuss with your during the planning phase include:

  • Determining what the goals of the practice are with chart migration:
    • Do you want to become a paperless office?
    • Or, do you plan to become an office with less paper?
  • Prioritizing where to start (e.g., chronic patients, patients with upcoming appointments, alphabetical)
  • Defining what information from the paper chart is needing to be moved to the EHR
  • Prioritizing the information so that patient critical data is made a higher priority (e.g., medications, allergies and lab results vs. consult reports)
  • Defining where and how the information will be stored in the EHR
    • What information will be manually entered as structured data?
    • What information can be scanned in? (Our Scanning includes OCR so that documents can be searched, highlighted and marked up, etc)
    • Defining how information will be named and where it will be indexed for consistency and ease of finding it.
    • If data is to be manually entered, who in the clinic will be responsible for the manual entry?
  • Defining your go-live-date and determining if chart migration will be completed before it;
    • Or, is a hybrid transition needed where both paper and electronic charts will be used until the chart migration can be completed
  • Determining the target timeframe for chart migration
  • Defining how the charts will be delivered to CCC for scanning and uploading
  • Building a check and balance method for delivery and return of charts
  • Defining a chart review process once charts are migrated
  • etc.