Custom Computing Corporation has a diverse portfolio of professional services that assist our clients with a variety of business needs.  Our professional services enhance our solution offerings while providing our clients with dedicated resources and value added expertise.

Outsourcing your revenue cycle management has tremendous potential for your practice’s bottom line.  Our Full Service approach allows you and your staff to focus on delivering core medical services while we manage the administrative and billing issues. Read More
Eliminate the headaches and confusion associated with the credentialing process for private insurance and government payers. Let Custom Computing Corporation help you navigate the difficult process of provider enrollment and medical credentialing while saving time and money. Read More
Receiving appropriate payment for medical services is a challenge for many healthcare providers, and is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve.  With higher self-pay patient balances and more rigorous compliance requirements, there is greater opportunity for risk facing private practice physicians.  Accurate medical coding is a vital resource that impacts the financial health of your practice. Without expertise, determination, and an infrastructure to support the process, you may be exposing your practice to unnecessary risk and potentially leaving money on the table. Read More
Custom Computing Corporation can not realize our goals unless our customers achieve their goals by using our products and services.  To this end, we recruit and hire personnel with broad healthcare, client services and information technology experience.   We mentor our implementation team and provide ongoing training related to industry changes as well as client feedback to provide your practice with the very best implementation and project management team. Read More
CCC is dedicated to helping you and your staff hit the ground running quickly with Freedom Medical Systems®. Receiving professional, effective training unlocks the full potential of Freedom Medical Systems® while allowing your team to maximize productivity and minimize inefficiencies. Our implementation and training specialists have a unique blend of software expertise, detailed knowledge of MIPS requirements, and the training skills necessary to ensure a customized learning experience for you and your staff. Read More
CCC will install and configure all necessary hardware and software for the implementation of Freedom Medical Systems®.  If you practice utilizes a 3rd Party Hardware and Network support vendor we will coordinate with them prior to the implementation and verify that network and hardware currently used in your practice is sufficient.  CCC will prepare a detailed cost summary of any additional hardware, software or network support equipment for your review prior to implementation. Read More
For clients implementing an EHR for the first time, CCC offers a Chart Migration Service that assist clients by outsourcing the scanning of old paper charts into digital records. Read More