Freedom | Faxing

Freedom | Faxing is a solution we offer clients who want to automate the manual process of inbound faxes received at a clinic.  With Freedom | Faxing, CCC uses your clinics current fax number and assigns it to our corporate fax server.  Inbound faxes received at your practice are forwarded to our fax server where the fax is processed and turned into an electronic PDF document.  The PDF documents are then processed by our server with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology before being routed to your clinics Freedom data base.

Within your Freedom data base, you will find a workflow screen where you can:

  • Preview inbound faxes
  • Forward inbound faxes to clinical staff for further review
  • Associate inbound faxes to a particular patient chart
  • Forward inbound faxes to medical providers for review
  • Delete inbound faxes that are of marketing and/or solicitation nature
  • Track outbound faxes that have been sent from the system
  • Re-fax previously sent faxes
  • etc.

With Freedom | Faxing, your practice will benefit from improved clinical workflow and staff productivity while reducing capital expenditures associated with the purchase and maintenance of your own fax server as well as reduced cost for office supplies and equipment.