Freedom Medical Systems® | ERX

If you are looking at ways to streamline your practice and improve patient safety then you need to look no further than Freedom Medical Systems® | ERX powered by our partner DrFirst® Rcopia™.  By implementing Freedom Medical Systems® | ERX your practice can start to receive the following benefits immediately.



Enhanced Patient Safety

By delivering real-time decision support tools at the point-of-care to make more informed decisions including drug/allergy interactions, formulary compliance, dose checking, duplicate therapy alerts, and more.

Improved Practice Efficiency

Save more time with the built-in capabilities of Freedom Medical Systems® | ERX so that you and your staff spend less time pushing paper. Features such as electronic refill requests, one-click renewals and prescription favorites makes e-prescribing a most have.

Take Back Control

By taking advantage of financial incentives, avoiding Federal penalties, improving practice efficiency, increasing patient safety, and reducing overhead cost for your practice without taking your focus away from what matters most.

Patient Satisfaction

Patients will appreciate it when you tell them their script is waiting for them at their pharmacy before they even walk out your door.  Additionally patients will take notice that while prescribing them new medications, you are also saving them money with the various features of Freedom Medical Systems® | ERX.

Feature Rich E-Prescribing
  • E-Prescribe legend drugs and controlled substances and send securely to any pharmacy via desktop, laptop or mobile
  • Easy-to-use interface supporting provider preferences and auto-populated fields to reduce the need to re-key information
  • Prevent fraud and abuse with access to 2 years of patient medication history
  • Clinical decision support including drug/allergy interactions, formulary compliance, dose checking, duplicate therapy alerts, and conditions like pregnancy and lactation
  • Split scripts for retail and mail-order pharmacies
  • Reduce pharmacy call-backs due to formulary or illegibility errors
  • Centralized hub for processing prescription renewal requests
  • 24/7 monitoring of script delivery and immediate error escalation to practice/provider
  • Monitor patient medication adherence while taking advantage of free patient education resources, co-pay and prescription coupons, and other adherence tools for better patient outcomes

Additional Feature Highlights

The Patient Score Card takes medication management to the next level by giving you additional tools to monitor and improve patient adherence to medications. Available within Freedom Medical Systems® | ERX you can now access a clinical scorecard that can be used to help you facilitate adherence discussions with your patient, better understand the underlying cause of their non-adherence, and assist them with tools to get back on track.


Interactive Patient Adherence Scorecard

  • Including medication adherence rates and prescription fill/refill data
  • At-risk alerts for providers, identifying patients in jeopardy of non-adherence
  • Quickly identify gaps in medication regimens
  • Prescription coupons and co-pay savings programs to reduce patient out of pocket costs – the leading cause of patient non-adherence to medication regimens

Close Gaps in Medication History and Improve Care Delivery

Medication reconciliation is a cornerstone of excellent patient care. Gaps in medication history can delay optimal treatment and put patients at risk.

Creating an accurate patient medication lists by relying on traditional methods such as interviewing patients, calling local pharmacies and other providers of care is highly time consuming and often delivers incomplete results.

With the ability to obtain a patients medication history for up to two years helps deliver more accurate, more comprehensive medication histories in just seconds. With an easy-to-use workflow, your staff can save time they currently spend assembling a patients medication list ~ time that can be re-invested in further care services.

Medication History Includes

  • Drug name and form
  • Dispense quantity
  • SIG information
  • Prescriber’s name
  • Fill data (First Fill – Last Fill)
  • Data source
  • Days supply

Complete prior authorizations quickly and easily and help prevent prescription abandonment.

Electronic Prior Authorization

  • Reduces administrative hassles and turnaround time by returning up to 70% of prior authorizations within seconds
  • Notifies the provider immediately, within the eRx workflow, if selected drug needs prior authorization
  • Covers multiple health plans, PBMs and vendors

With EPCS GoldSM, you can seamlessly send electronic prescription for controlled substances to retail or mail order pharmacies within the same workflow you use to e-prescribe legend drugs. It makes prescribing more efficient, advances patient medication adherence, and increases convenience for your patients.

Protect yourself and your practice

  • Prevent prescription drug abuse
  • Avoid patients who are doctor shopping
  • Reduce fraud and abuse ~ no paper prescription pads to be stolen, altered or forged
  • Be audit-ready with management reports

Trusted Security

  • Choose from hard and/or soft token options
  • Unique pin and e-signature for each transaction
  • Complies with DEA, NIST, and Surescripts requirements
  • World class partnerships for IDP and IT security with Experian and Symantec

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