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CCC Policy: Out of Country Remote Access


In order to provide the highest level of security and protection for Freedom Medical Systems®, Custom Computing Corporation (CCC) utilizes a network security feature called Geo-Fencing, which limits access to our servers from areas of the world where access is not generally permitted. We allow all access from within the United States and certain specific areas of the world where server services are located and utilized by our various 3rd party vendors.

CCC recognizes that users of our system will travel to areas where we routinely do not allow access, but may have a need to gain access.  In order to allow you secure remote access CCC has the following requirements.


  1. Out of country access will only be allowed on Microsoft compatible devices.
  2. You must utilize our SSLVPN remote access solution.
  3. Two (2) weeks prior to traveling, please complete and submit the Out of Country Remote Access Request Form to Client Services by emailing it to clientservices@ccccorp.com.
  4. The following fees may apply if you are not currently enrolled in our Remote Access Solution:

Onetime Setup Fee: $85.00

Monthly Remote Access Fee: $25.00

Upon receipt of the Out of Country Remote Access Request Form, CCC will setup and configure your access from the geographic location (Country) you will be traveling, between the dates you specify.  CCC’s Network Security team will make every attempt to allow access from the geographic location, however CCC cannot guarantee access.


When connecting to public Wi-Fi access points, such as airports and hotels, please use caution.  CCC recommends the following CNET online article to help educate users of the risk using public Wi-Fi:

Staying Safe On Public Wi-Fi

Credit Card Processing

As part of our continued effort to assist our clients with system automation, CCC has integrated a credit card processing solution with Freedom Medical Systems. The integrated solution allows our clients to process credit card payments securely within Freedom Medical Systems.

CCC’s Credit Card Processing For Medical Professionals

  • Designed specifically for busy medical offices
  • Process credit card payments directly from Freedom Medical Systems
  • Custom reporting for easy reconciliation
  • Variety of payment options for both the patient and office administrator
  • Securely store credit card information for recurring payments
  • Create and manage payment plans for patients


CCC clients receive WAIVED fees and Free Card Reader!

  • Integration Fee: $200 (waived)
  • Setup Fee: $100 (waived)
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Remote Support

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Request Training

Regardless of when you implemented Freedom Medical Systems® our ITS staff is available to support you.  Training is available for all clients who need additional training or have recently hired new staff.

Training requests can be made by phone at (402) 402-905-3169 or for convenience you can submit a training request electronically via our online request form.

Request Technical Support

Technical support requests can be made by phone at (402) 341-2197 or for convenience you can submit a technical support request electronically via our online request form.

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